Hot Tub Care and Maintenance

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When you’re relaxing in your hot tub, the last thing you want to worry about is performing regular maintenance and cleanings. At Combined Pool & Spa, we understand that you’ve invested a tremendous amount of time, money, and memories into your personal spa, so you’re looking for a service provider who can match that same level of dedication. Our expert technicians are here to provide your peaceful sanctuary with a broad range of maintenance services


Our Services


We provide every service you’ll need to keep your spa in excellent condition for years to come. If you notice an error code appear on your hot tub’s monitoring system, there’s no need to worry. Whether you’re experiencing shutdowns, heat losses, or jet malfunctions, simply contact us! We’ll provide you with knowledgeable advice on whether you can safely fix it yourself or if you’ll need some help from our technicians. While DIY projects can be fun, it’s best to play it safe and contact us before completing any repairs so you don’t jeopardize the integrity of your hot tub. 


Some of our premier services include hassle-free installation, repairs for most brands, weekly valet maintenance, parts replacement, and the list goes on. You can take a load off while our friendly professionals handle any tasks necessary. We’re committed to providing you with the very best care and service, and that’s why we provide each of our customers with a satisfaction guarantee. You deserve to trust the work done on your hot tub.


Our Professional Technicians


Our expert representatives are here to provide you with personalized service with a smile. Each one is professionally trained to offer consistently excellent treatment and in-depth advice on repairs. If you request that we send a technician to service your spa, you’ll never need to worry about dealing with a third-party representative. One of our well-trained, courteous team members will be dispatched and sent right to your door to deliver whatever repairs or maintenance services you need. We want to make you feel comfortable and taken care of by a trusted group of professionals. So, whether you’re thinking of buying a new spa from us and need it professionally installed, or you need help with cleaning or repairs, reach out to us and have it done right.


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We’re here for all of your hot tub needs! Contact us and one of our skilled technicians will be happy to assist.