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Caldera® Spas Replacement Cover

A Caldera Spa Cover is designed for maximum energy efficiency. Its tight seal insulates and locks in heat, saving you money on operating costs. Custom-fit to Caldera Spas, our covers are tapered for water runoff and are made from durable, marine-grade vinyl. All Caldera covers include child-resistant safety locks and incorporate the mounting plates necessary for attaching our cover lifter systems. Our covers also meet or exceed all ASTM safety standards for UL classification.

See dealer for available color options.


Sunstar Replacement Covers

Sunstar has been the leader in spa and hot tub cover innovation, quality, service and safety since 1977. We pride ourselves in offering products that are not only recognized for their fine quality and reliability but in our people who custom craft each hot tub cover and who provide unparalleled customer service. Sunstar is the originator of the rigid vinyl spa and hot tub covers with over 30 years of service and dedication to the hot tub and spa industry.