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Make Life Different – Ideal Cold Plunge


The Ideal Spa Plunge is perfect for a first and only saltwater plunge experience. Its exceptional features include a robust titanium coil, an acrylic fiberglass spa shell, an efficient chiller/heat pump, and a circulation pump 1.25hp for optimal performance. Including an ozone system ensures cleanliness. The inverter operates at 120V, contributing to energy efficiency.


With LED lights, underwater illumination enhances the ambiance, and the ABS bottom base ensures durability. Topping it off, the thermo cover adds an extra layer of insulation, making the Ideal Spa Plunge a comprehensive and top-notch choice for your relaxation.

Spa Plunge








7’1″L x 3’5″W x 2’6″D

Titanium Coil

Acrylic Fiberglass

Gray w/ Black Trim


1 Year


 Dimensions: 7’1″L x 3’5″W x 2’6″D

Cooling: Titanium Coil

Shell: Acrylic Fiberglass

Cabinet: Gray w/ Black Trim

Design: Armrest

Warranty: 1 Year

Health Benefits

  • Transform outlook on life.
  • Aid in muscle recovery and reduce inflammation.
  • Reduce stress and anxiety, build mental resilience.
  • Enhance circulation and promote faster recovery.
  • Boost immune system and increase alertness.

Energy Efficient

  • Inverter Chiller: Cuts cooling time by over half, lowering the temperature by 5.4 degrees Farenheit within 1 hour (40-104 degrees).
  • Insulation Sleeves: Prevents hoses from “sweating” and maintains cold water.
  • Adding insulation for cooler efficiency.
  • Energy Efficient: Operates on 120V, ideal for a spa plunge to make life different.

Outdoor All-Weather

  • Durable Design: Layered foam, insulated cover, and combo cabinet for outdoor use, withstands extreme weather conditions.
  • Heat-Vent Pro +System: Enhances chiller cooling efficiency with improved air circulation.
  • Easy equipment access.