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Get Cozy With These Amazing Compact Hot Tub Models

If you have a smaller outdoor area and you’re worried a full-size hot tub won’t fit, we recommend checking out our miniature options. These 3 personal spas will provide the cozy comfort you crave, without cramping up your space.


Aventine ® 2 Person Hot Tub

The first model we’d like to discuss is the Aventine ®. This portable, 2 person tub is specially designed to suit cramped areas, and it’s ideal for couples and individuals. With the angled shape, you can easily tuck it into the corner so that you can maximize the rest of your outdoor space. It features a one-of-a-kind hydromassage experience, complete with ergonomically designed lounge seating crafted to relax your joints and circuit therapy that targets different muscle groups. If you’re searching for the luxurious features offered by larger models, but packed into an efficient design, the Aventine is the hot tub for you.


Mini ™ 2 Person Hot Tub

The Mini ™, which has a compact design that’s perfect for balconies, decks, and patios, features 10 high-powered jets that are positioned to deliver the ultimate relaxation experience to you and your guest. If you’re renting your home, this hot tub will be the best choice for you since it’s portable in all meanings of the word. Thanks to the Plug-N-Play technology, there’s no custom installation required since set up simply involves filling up the water with a nearby hose, plugging it into a standard 110v outlet, and waiting for the water to heat up. It’s that simple! If you end up moving, you can unplug your spa and take it with you to your next residence.


Kauai ® 3 Person Hot Tub

The Kauai ® spa is proof that good things come in small packages. It comfortably fits 3 guests and features 25 powerful jets that are expertly positioned to deliver targeted muscle and joint relaxation. Thanks to the circuit therapy set up, each seat in the spa is designed to massage a different muscle group and promote deep rest and relaxation. With the simple touch of a button, you can use the control panel to change the temperature, ambient lighting effects, and jet intensity. You’ll adore the elegant style, optional add-on features such as entertainment integrations, perimeter lighting, and umbrellas, and the energy efficient design.


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With these compact hot tub models, you can fit a luxurious, personal oasis into a small space with ease. Contact us to learn more about these incredible options and which one is right for you!