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Explore Natural Arthritis Relief in a Hot Tub, Caldera Spas Brookings

Heat is one of the fastest, most successful ways to loosen stiff joints and relieve achy muscles. Hydrotherapy of a hot tub boosts the power of heat by adding soothing massage and the natural buoyancy of water. Here’s how to ease arthritis pain naturally in the hot tub. Hot Water Targets Joint Pain Step into … Read More

Exercise Spas and Lap Pools for Senior Health, Swim Spas Brookings

It’s not uncommon for families to live away from one another. As parents age, adult children worry about who will check on mom or dad. Luckily, in-home nursing services can help. Here are 3 ways professional in-home nursing services can help loved ones live their best life. Build Safe Independence Whether it’s keeping up with … Read More