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Hot Tub Placement

A hot tub can go in just about any space you desire: by a swimming pool, on the deck, in your yard, even indoors! Although your hot tub can go wherever you want it to go keep in mind the size of your hot tub and make sure you have extra room where it is … Read More

Easy Water Care With Your Hot Tub

All hot tubs require some attention and involvement when it comes to water chemistry and having access to clean, healthy water. Who doesn’t want to have sparkling, clear water whenever you’re ready for a soak? There are three important things when it comes to your hot tub water: filtration, circulation and balancing. There is also … Read More

Changing a Filter

With the proper rinse and rotating you will only need to change your filter monthly. Either spray with your outside hose or let soak! A filter will last longer if you clean it monthly,however, the older a filter is and the longer you let it sit means the more dirty it is – which will make your … Read More

Is a Hot Tub right for you?

Something we often hear from clients is that they are afraid they won’t use their spa enough – and that is why they hesitate to purchase one! Why would you want to spend so much money and so much time on something that isn’t going to be used. Is a Hot Tub right for you? Do … Read More

Hot Tub Temperature

Hot tub temperatures range from 80 – 104 degrees, however, most people set their hot tub between 101 – 102 degrees. Soaking in warm water can be very relaxing for adults and good for ones’ well-being. Setting a hot tub for a family with young kids is different: For young children, they should not be … Read More

Changing Hot Tub Water

A common misconception is that you should drain and change your water in intervals such as every 2-3 weeks, however, we find that most owners go 4 – 5 months before changing their water. Yes, you should drain your water if you do not plan on using your hot tub anytime soon. Perhaps you have a … Read More

How Much Does it Cost to Run a Caldera Spa

Often the best place to research the cost of electicity to operate a Caldera hot tub is from actual owners or a licensed dealer. A efficient and well- insulated hot tub can save a homeowner thousands of dollars over the life of the hot tub. Caldera owners brag about their lower electricity bills and here’s … Read More

Healthier Heart

A hot tub is more than a luxurious item for your home. According to extensive medical research, sitting in a hot tub for a period of time has a number of benefits, both physical and mental. We all know that a hot tub can be a great place to relax and enjoy time with family and … Read More

Auto Cover

One of the most commonly asked questions is “Can I use my Auto Cover as my Winter Cover” The answer is yes, however, there are some precautions you must take in order to prevent any damage to the cover and track. Over the winter you need to maintain the proper water level, which is halfway … Read More

Endless Fitness

Breaststroke, backstroke, sidestroke, and freestyle are all common swimming terms and are swimming techniques that are ever so healthy for you. Swimming is a fun activity that you can do for a lifetime and is a great way to keep fit as well as make friends and keeping friends entertained! Doctors around the world say … Read More

Cleaning Patio Furniture

It’s finally Spring and you are taking out all of your outdoor patio furniture, but it’s probably dirty from sitting in the shed all winter long. Here are just a few quick tips and tricks to help you while you are cleaning the cushions and frames! CLEANING CUSHIONS Brush off loose dirt Spray on a … Read More

Is a Test Soak Helpful before buying a Spa?

IS A TEST SOAK HELPFUL BEFORE BUYING A HOT TUB? At first, it seems a little odd – you narrow down the list of hot tubs you are interested in, then go to the dealer, slip into your swimsuit and climb into a hot tub, right there on the showroom floor. If your dealer offers … Read More

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How much does a Hot Tub Cost

Content originally found on: HOW MUCH DOES A HOT TUB COST? 2017-2018 HOT TUB PRICING GUIDE How much does a hot tub cost? Well, the simple answer is: it depends on your hot tub. A bare-bones rotationally-molded hot tub, at the absolute lowest end of the spectrum, can cost around $2,500. At the other end, … Read More

What is a Chlorine Demand?

We are just finishing up all of our pool openings this year, and it was one of those years that it wasn’t that cold of a winter, and we are opening up a lot of pools with chlorine demands. If you have never heard the words chlorine demands, basically what it means is something organic … Read More

Water Level – Making a Happy Pool

When it comes to keeping your pool maintenance in check, one of the most important things you can do is maintain a proper water level. Water level controls a number of different things.  It makes sure there’s an adequate flow of water throughout the equipment & keeps your automatic cover at a manageable height, so … Read More

To Salt or Not To Salt your Hot Tub?

In today’s market, this has got to be one of the number one questions any consumer considering a hot tub is asking.  So here are the facts.  Salt is great.  The water feels amazing and you will definitely enjoy the feel of the salt when you get into your hot tub.   I sell salt and … Read More

Don’t Get Steamed Up Over Which Sauna to Buy!

Have you been shopping for saunas lately and find it confusing which type you should buy?  There are some differences between steam and infrared, but also some similarities.  Let’s try to answer some of those questions for you because the sauna you will use the most is the one that is right for you! If … Read More

Testing and Balancing your Pool

Balancing your pool water is one of the key parts of maintaining a clean, comfortable, well functioning pool. Weather and bather load can have a signicant impact on your balance from day to day, so it is important to test and balance your water often. Chlorine is your sanitizer, and maintaining a good level is … Read More

What’s Important To Know About Jets When You’re Buying A Spa?

By just looking at a spa, it’s very difficult to assess its jets and what they will deliver. First and foremost, don’t be fooled by appearances. Often, the jets can be the “sizzle” that’s meant to impress just by the way they look. For instance, you might see a wide variety of dazzling metal trim … Read More

Will 20 Minutes In My Spa Really Matter?

We truly believe it will. At Caldera Spas, we believe it because we live it, and 20-minute renewal is part of our daily lives. From personal experience, we believe that 20-minutes a day can help you release tension, relax muscles and let go of all the clutter in your head. Science seems to concur. Recently, … Read More

Billard Tables Create Great Family Time

Spending time together is a proven way to encourage conversation. Here’s why a pool table can make the perfect family gift. If you’re ready to create a fantastic game room to complement your home and a stunning pool table is the focus, fantastic. Billiards is a popular game room staple, and creating something extraordinary and memorable … Read More